Anime Reviews


Anime Film Reviews
Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of F – Review
Yōkai Watch the Movie: It’s the Secret of Birth, Meow! –...
A Certain Magical Index The Movie: The Miracle of Endymion – ...
Pale Cocoon – Review
The Last: Naruto the Movie – Review
Attack on Titan: The Crimson Bow and Arrow – Review
Detective Conan: The Sniper from Another Dimension – Review
Hanasaku iroha: Home Sweet Home – Review
Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture – Review
Anime Series Reviews
Aquarion Evol (Part One) – Review
Nakaimo: Complete Collection – Review
Maken-Ki [Complete Series] – Review
Brave 10 – Review
Campione!: Complete Collection – Review
We Without Wings – Review
Sankarea – Review
Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan Set 2 – Review
Mobile Police Patlabor TV: Collection 2 – Review
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